Some New Etsy Features (and why I won’t be using them)

Auto Listing Renewal

This new feature allows you to set your individual listings to renew automatically at the end of the 4 month listing period (the 20c listing fee is taken at the time of renewal).


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This is a great idea if you have many hundreds of listings and you are sure that you want them all to renew continuously.

Personally, I won’t be using this feature because I prefer to review each listing upon expiry to ensure that it is worth renewing.

I find that I never sell every single print in any book that I list – there are always the really popular items that get snapped up within a few weeks of listing and the less popular ones that may not sell at all.

My Strategy

Step 1

I identify popular prints that are selling successfully for other sellers and I research the source books.

Step 2

I use and to locate cheap copies of the source books.

Step 3

I list all of the prints from each source book over a 3 or 4 day period – so, for example if I have 20 prints from a particular book I list 5 per day for 4 days.

Because new listings are featured in the news feeds of Etsy members who have favourited my shop this brings a flow of traffic to my shop and often leads to fast sales of recently listed items.

Step 4

Once I have sold several prints from a particular book and am convinced of the viability of the niche I go back to addall and ebay to source a second copy so that I can renew sold out listings as soon as they sell.

This strategy results in a constant flow of traffic as I am renewing successful listings on a daily basis.


Step 5

At the end of the initial 4 month listing period I review each listing (Etsy emails me to remind me when a listing is due to expire) and only renew prints that have sold at least once.

Prints that haven’t sold in 4 months are likely to remain unsold – these can be put together with other unsold prints and listed as a bundle for a ‘no brainer’ price at a later date or can be used as free gifts and slipped in with buyer’s orders to build customer loyalty.

Calculated Shipping

Etsy announced the launch of calculated shipping to US sellers on March 30th

I do get a lot of questions from new sellers who are confused about how to quote shipping rates so I am sure this new feature will be welcomed!

You can read all about it by clicking > HERE

As it is only being made available to sellers in the US I won’t be able to provide you with my thoughts and impressions based on using the feature but I welcome any feedback from my US based subscribers.


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