How to Get Found in Etsy Search

Yesterday Etsy announced some changes that they are making to the Etsy search engine –

Etsy wants to take into account ‘customer and marketplace experience’ as a factor when determining where your items appear in search results.



What is ‘customer and marketplace experience’?

Etsy say that they want buyers to enjoy a great experience when they purchase on the marketplace so to encourage the right seller behavior they will take into account a shop’s record of customer service and whether it operates within Etsy’s policies.

The Etsy search algorithm will now favor shops with great reviews, completed About pages and shop policies. Recent cases opened by unsatisfied buyers and infringements of rules relating to intellectual property will have a negative impact.

How should I optimize my listings for search?

Etsy have updated their guide to how search works and I recommend that you read it carefully:-

This Etsy article provides a very comprehensive explanation about how search works and what factors you should focus on to ensure your items rank competitively.

Here are the main features:

  • Write concise but descriptive titles with the words that your buyers are most likely to be searching for at the front.
  • Use all 13 allowed tags, multi word tags (phrases) are more effective than single words. Include your best keywords (the words from the front of your titles) in your tags.
  • Encourage shopper interaction by using clear images and use the image cropping tool to create an eye catching thumbnail (this is the image that appears in search)
  • Provide a positive customer experience by answering the most likely buyer questions in your shipping profiles and shop policies – eg. When am I likely to receive my purchase? What happens if I don’t like my purchase?
  • Make that all important personal connection by completing your About page with your story.
  • Encourage positive reviews by shipping promptly and going the extra mile – for example, I include a hand signed note with every package offering free shipping on their next order and asking for a 5 star review if they are happy.
  • List new items often to keep your shop fresh.

Happy selling!



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