Selling Posters on eBay

If you have been following my blog posts for a while you’ll know that I very rarely promote products from other marketers. I get a lot of requests but I am extremely selective and I always insist on going through the content with a fine tooth comb.

The product must meet ALL of the following criteria:-

  • The person/people behind the product must be known to me* as trustworthy with a track record of looking after their customers (*or come highly recommended by somebody I trust).


  • The product must be well written and easy to follow without the need for any special skills or expensive tools.


  • The method taught must work.


  • The method must resonate with my audience.


  • The product must offer exceptional value for money.


  • The after sale support must be second to none.


Today, I’d like to tell you about a brand new course that ticks ALL of my boxes.

Steve King has teamed up with Rob Corrigan (I’ve known them both for several years – since we studied the same product creation course back in 2008/9) to bring you “Profit From Posters”.



What is “Profit From Posters” about?

The course teaches you how to design and print posters in popular niches that are in HOT demand on eBay.

Posters like these:-




Each of these examples is very easy to put together and is extremely popular as you can see from the number of sales made!

This is video based training with the whole method explained in easy to follow screen shot videos. You get to watch over Rob’s shoulder as he researches and creates posters from scratch using FREE tools and images.

Anybody can do this!

I was going to list the video content here but decided it would be easier to shoot a quick review video from inside the member’s area to give you a better insight into this very comprehensive course (more hot selling poster niches are revealed in the video!):-


Each of the 33 videos is short and to the point and at no time did the course ever feel like a chore to work through (as so many of the courses I have reviewed do!).

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about a previously unknown (to me) business model that really can be set up and run by anyone regardless of skill level.

If you have an established eBay or Etsy business then this could be an excellent ‘add-on’ to increase your sales and profits – or maybe you are a beginner looking for an idea that you can take and run with – I really like what I have seen here and I am delighted to give Profit From Posters my enthusiastic endorsement!

Click HERE to find out more!

The course also includes 3 well thought out bonuses that really compliment the course content:-

Bonus 1 – a free image starter pack to get you started creating your own posters!


Bonus 2 – a free eBay listing template to give your eBay listings that professional touch!


Bonus 3 – free access to the exclusive member’s only Facebook Group where you can connect with other members and Rob & Steve for ongoing updates, advice and support!


Money Back Guarantee

It is always reassuring to know that you can get a full, no questions asked refund if the course doesn’t meet your expectations and Steve and Rob are happy to back their product with a full 30 day refund commitment.

>Click HERE to find out more!<


Please contact Steve King with any Profit From Posters support issues –

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