Selling on Etsy!

As you know I am currently working flat out to complete my Prints Make Profits update and I’m hoping it will be ready for you in the next couple of weeks!

I am also busy listing my vintage book prints on Etsy and learning as much as I can about maximizing the opportunities presented by this new (to me) sales platform.

Sales are not easy to come by these days so when you do make a sale you want to keep hold of as much of the proceeds as possible, if you haven’t yet tried listing on Etsy perhaps this fee comparison will encourage you.


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Consider this sale of my Matted Alice in Wonderland book plate print. These items are listed at $14 plus $4.66 shipping in my Etsy shop (the price quoted in my image is in Euros, 1 Euro = $1.37 at the time of writing) – the fees are broken down as follows;

Listing fee (covers 4 months listing) …………….20c

Sale fee (3.5% of the selling price – this does not include any shipping costs)………49c

Direct Checkout fee (etsy’s payment processing fee 3% plus 25c)…………………….81c

Total Etsy fees …………$1.50

Contrast this to the ebay fees for the same item;

Listing fee ( provide 50 insertion fee free listings per month )……………..0

Final value fee (10% based on the sale price plus shipping fee)……………1.86

PayPal fee (2.9% plus 30c)……………………………………..84c

Total ebay fees…………..$2.70

Yes, that’s right – the ebay/PayPal fees are 80% more expensive than the Etsy fees!

Etsy Tips

To help you get off on the right foot with your book plate print listings on Etsy I have analysed my own sales and here are the stand out stats;

91% of my buyers are women

78% of my buyers are in the US

61% of my buyers paid using Etsy’s Direct Checkout facility (the remaining 39% used PayPal)

39% of my sales involved multiple purchases (ie. the buyer bought more than one item)


*The items you list must appeal to women – I am having success with Alice in Wonderland and Erte prints, my Cecil Aldin hunting prints are not selling so well.

*If you are not US based you MUST ship internationally.

*Do take the time to apply for Etsy’s Direct Checkout which enables your buyers to pay using their credit cards, debit cards and Etsy Gift Cards and transfers your sale proceeds directly to your bank account .

*Be sure to list multiple prints from each book and encourage buyers to buy more than one item by offering to ship additional items for no extra charge (if un-matted) and create multiple purchase coupon codes as discussed in my Etsy Update! post.

Choosing Keywords on Etsy

A useful tip to help you choose what keywords to include in your Etsy titles is to pop your main keyword into the Etsy search bar


In this example I am using the artist’s name “erte”

The list of keywords that appear in the drop down box are the words that Etsy buyers are currently searching for so it is important to include relevant terms from this list in your titles, descriptions and tags – I have included “erte print book plate” in mine.

If you are wondering what “tags” are, these are simply keywords that you add to your Etsy listings to make them easier for your buyers to find, the following image is taken from Etsy’s ‘List an Item’ form


As an additional incentive to open your own shop on Etsy (there are no monthly fees to pay) you can list your first 40 items free of charge by clicking this link;

>List for FREE on Etsy!<

If you take up this offer I will also get 40 free listings so it is a very nice WIN WIN!

Your questions and comments are very welcome, I’d particularly like to hear from you if you have any Etsy tips or advice based on your own experience that you can share!


Talk soon!





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