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Imagine… Every time you sell a Tshirt, mug, or wall hanging, having those very products driving people back to your Etsy shop, email sign up list or affiliate product offering!

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How I Stumbled Across This Amazing Thing: 

I’m an astronomy buff. I love everything “space”!... So, every year for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, my wife gets me ‘astronomy stuff!’(among other things…). Thanks to my wife, each year I get to add to my “planetary globes” collection…So far, my growing collection of beautifully detailed globes includes Mars, Mercury, Europa, Pluto, and the Moon!

OK, Europa isn’t a planet, it’s a moon of Jupiter, and Pluto is a dwarf planet, and Earth’s Moon is, well, a moon (although some astronomers still consider it a planet in its own right), but you get the idea.  

She also picks me up numerous astronomy books.  

Recently she gifted me a “Moon” journal!... It’s just a 5” X 7” book with blank lined pages for writing but with a beautiful cover image (see following image).

Now here’s the INTERESTING part…

Upon opening the journal and seeing the 1st page, I saw this special image…

It was this ‘plain looking’, weird, tiny image printed on the book page…

That image did something to my phone and BAM!!!

I instantly ended up here!…  

How SUPER-COOL is that?!!... This is so awesome!

(OK, if you’re not an astronomy lover like me, you’re saying “big deal”)…BUT WAIT!

Consider all the possibilities! 

Suppose you are creating your latest low content book or Etsy printable…

a Bird Watching Log Book for Amazon (or bird watching log pages for Etsy).

YOU INSERT ONE OF THESE MAGICAL ‘plain looking’, weird, tiny images inside your book or page…and BAM!!! Your customer’s phone instantly brings them here!!…

You customer can be ‘in the field’ doing what they LOVE (bird watching) and their phone can show them instantly what they are looking at and they then document it in their Bird Watching Log Book!

Do You See How This Absolutely CRUSHES Your Competition?!?

You could just as easily send this ‘bird watching’ customer to your email sign up page, Etsy shop, Amazon Books shop, or to ANY AFFILIATE OFFER!

And These Special Images Are SO EASY to Create!


If you can copy, paste & click a mouse, you can BLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS' MINDS!!

OK, what if you are doing a wedding planner journal? Simply INSERT ONE OF THESE MAGICAL ‘plain looking’, weird, tiny images inside…and BAM!!! Your customer’s phone instantly brings them here!!…  

                                        Or here!...                                   Or here!...

That’s TONS of INSTANT ADDED VALUE for your customers!!

Competing Books or printables don’t have a chance!

And you’re not even “creating” this extra content! These Special Images allow you to

And you can send people to your email sign up page, any of your other product offers or affiliate offers!


In this revolutionary guide, we show you…

What this special “secret graphic” is and how to create them!
How to USE these secret ‘graphics’ to BEST EFFECT!
How to EASILY & QUICKLY find tons of “pre-existing” bonus material your customers will LOVE when it pops up on their phone!
How to use these SAME special graphics to build an email list of buyers with ZERO TECH SKILLS & NO WEBSITE NEEDED! (people won’t be able to resist signing up to your list!)
How to use these graphics to drive people to your OTHER book or Etsy offers for REPEAT SALES!
How to use these special graphics to MAKE MONEY on affiliate products!

And more!

And it’s all SO SIMPLE!

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Conversion Rates

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