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What kind of Low-Content books are making this kind of money?
Believe it or not…It’s Handwriting Practice Workbooks!


We REVEAL the TOP 5 KDP Book Sub-Niches in this Genre!

Sub-Niches Where the ‘Competition’ is LOW

These are essentially BLANK BOOKS people will 
PAY BIG DOLLARS for!... Over and over again!

Important Information below:

From the desks of Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin:

Let’s face it… When it comes to “no content” and “low content” books, the "handwriting practice niche" is one of the most popular and profitable niches you can get into (and it’s so easy to do!)

JUST LOOK at what comes up on Amazon for the search phrase “handwriting practice workbook”… LOOK AT all those best sellers!

LOOK AT all those ULTRA-LOW “Best Sellers Ranks”!

Forget complicated “planners”, intricate “calendars”, convoluted “journals”, and other slow to produce “low content” books.

What if you could create books fast & easy that people crave!

Below, you'll discover FIVE lucrative, non-intuitive, high profit sub-niches in the "handwriting practice workbooks niche" which are very low competition and yet still have very high demand!

This is perfect whether you are just starting out in the Amazon KDP market OR you are a seasoned veteran in the low content publishing niche!

And they are CONSUMABLE so people will always need MORE!

These are essentially BLANK BOOKS that people will pay you handsomely for! And they are super-fast & EASY to create!

In ADDITION to revealing FIVE LUCRATIVE SUB-NICHES, we will ALSO show you…

Where people are making HUGE DOLLARS in this genre of books (and how you can get in on this gold rush).

Why this market is so hot!

How you can BYPASS the competition by directly targeting hungry under-served sub-niches other authors are missing!

And We’ll also show you…

Where to get Handwriting practice worksheets for your book interiors too!

Where to get cute graphics for themed handwriting practice books!


We’ll even show you where to get those fancy "letter tracing fonts" you see in these workbooks!

These fonts will take your books to the next level!

And we show you how to put it all together in a snap!


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AND We reveal THREE KINDS of ‘handwriting practice’ books you can create for EACH NICHE!... So that’s FIFTEEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF BOOKS you can create fast and easy in this lucrative HIGH DEMAND market! 

You also get...

The BEST IRON CLAD NO RISK GUARANTEE in the business! – We take all the risk!!

That's right, you have a FULL 60 DAYS to review and use your purchase! If you are not happy, and in fact, THRILLED with everything you get, we will happily refund you 100% of your money so you are not out one single penny! 

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FREE BONUS 1 – 70+ Handwriting Book Sub-Niche Keywords!

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Inside this bonus, we share with you our favorite “secret” resources for finding…

Lined handwriting practice pages…
Graphics and clipart for your ‘themed’ book covers and 
Specialty “letter tracing” fonts which take your books to the next 
level quality-wise!
And more!

FREE BONUS 3 – How to easily Create your KDP interiors using PHOTOPEA & MS Word (and create your book covers in CANVA!). INCLUDES 3 TUTORIAL VIDEOS & 2 BONUS CHAPTERS!


Here are the TWO BONUS SECTIONS we threw into this bonus guide FREE!

BONUS SECTION 1  Creating HARDCOVER Workbooks!

BONUS SECTION 2 – Using CANVA to Create Your Book Interiors (in case you don’t have MS Word!)

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Q Does this course include the actual process and formatting to place books on KDP?

A Yes, we have created 'over the shoulder' tutorial videos that show you how to prepare a high quality "ready to print" KDP formatted PDF ready for upload to Amazon. Additionally, we also demonstrate how to create your book cover(s) using Canva - all you have to do is watch and copy!

Also, we provide a link to Amazon's instructions for uploading your book(s). Once you have your book and cover created, uploading it is a straight forward process.

Q Will this new course/niche work in any language/country?

A Yes, any language, any country. Since these are essentially equivalent to blank page books, you can simply change the language of the title and done.

Do bear in mind though that the vast majority of Etsy and Amazon buyers are from the USA or other English speaking countries. Perhaps the best strategy would be to create 1 book and then duplicate it and offer it in several alternate languages.

Q Does Amazon print these products?

A Yes exactly...When a sale comes into Amazon for your KDP book, Amazon prints the book and ships it.

So you have;

*Automatic fulfillment/nothing to ship

*Zero inventory 

*Never need fear "running out" of stock when book sales take off

Of course, on Etsy, you can set it up as a downloadable 'printable' book/page your customer prints out so the same advantages apply!

Q Do you think this niche could be added to other printables/notebooks? Or set up as a stand alone range?

A It can be either.... 'stand alone' or 'added to other printables/notebooks'. This is a great "entry niche" where you can learn the basics while making good money in a highly profitable but simple to implement niche (and also expand that niche into other notebooks, journals, planners, or any other type of low content books as you learn more). On the other hand, if you already have low content books published, this is a great 'add on' niche too!

Q I thought 'no content' is now very frowned upon by Amazon?

A Nothing we've found indicates that Amazon in any way frowns upon low content or no content books. Amazon shoppers are actively searching for these types of books, Amazon wants sales...the more the better so why wouldn't Amazon embrace this hungry market? As long as your descriptions aren't misleading and you provide for a good customer experience, (and obviously don't violate any copyrights), Amazon is happy to have the sales and book creators are making great money in this niche.

Q I want to know are the people making the "BIG" money running ads to their low content books?

A As far as we can tell, the examples we feature are not running ads. But in either case, we show you how to find and drill down to very specific low competition keywords to bypass most of the competition. Also, these books are so fast to create, you can get lots of them published quickly and that combined with the low competition highly targeted keywords means you have terrific odds of at least some of your books taking off. (we cover all this in the course).