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We all know that the easiest, fastest (and therefore often most profitable) books to create are so called “low content” books. 

These are books like planners, journals, notebooks, etc. that require little to NO writing and are thus simple and quick to create. Books like these have a high perceived value in customers’ eyes and can be sold both on Etsy and Amazon!

But did you know…

There are people (just like you and I) making over $4,200.00 a month pure profit in this ONE secret niche?

It’s the “Printable Graph Paper Notebooks” niche and it’s HOT! There are MANY TYPES of graph paper as we reveal (regular, hexagonal, isometric, circular, and more!) that people will PAY you for…again and again and again!

In this guide, we expose all! We show you…

How to break into this lucrative market (easy)
WHY this market is BOOMING!
WHERE to get specialty graph paper templates at very low cost or FREE! (NO graphics skills needed!)
How to DRILL DOWN into under-served sub-niches (where the big money is)
HOW to target MULTIPLE markets for even BIGGER profits!
How to bypass the ‘competition’ by finding and ‘zeroing in
 on’ on specific sub-niche keywords!
and more!

We ALSO include an extensive list of the various types of graph papers people are looking for including things as diverse as hobby and pastime specific graph papers such as guitar graph paper, knitting graph paper, and more!

AND AGAIN, we show you where to get these specialty graph papers at little cost or even FREE so you don’t need any graphics skills at all!

These are essentially BLANK BOOKS people will PAY you for!

For anyone looking to break into the “low-content books” “self publishing” business (or add it to their existing business), publishing NOTEBOOKS represents one of the easiest paths into this market.


Very simple to create (they are essentially BLANK books!)


In high demand

Consumable! (so people always need more!)

BUT, simple ‘lined’ notebooks are also very generic in nature.

HOWEVER, with specialized “graph paper” notebooks you get to serve a notebook ‘sub-niche’ that is way under-served! NOW we can target our customers not so much by the book cover design so much as the “interior” design! We can NOW target specific groups or specific “specialized” needs with specific “specialized” notebooks! AND, there are many passionate sub niches believe me! 

AND, because the keywords in this niche are much more highly targeted, we can PLACE in Amazon or Etsy search results much more easily! 


Now considering there are sellers making $2,385.00+ a Month for 1 Book…and $4,200.00+ a Month pure profit… in this ONE secret niche and That (with this guide) YOU can potentially do the same…

HOW MUCH would this guide be worth to you?


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Specialized LINED Notebooks!

This bonus report includes how to make…

Music lined notebooks

Penmanship practice lines notebooks

Calligraphy practice lines notebooks

Kanji (Japanese writing) practice notebooks

and more!

With this bonus, you can now also offer specialty line notebooks (or printables) too which represents a nice expansion of products possible for you in this awesome niche.

This guide could have been a separate upsell but we decided to just throw it in here for FREE! You get the whole shebang...

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