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From the desks of Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin:

Forget complicated “planners”, intricate “calendars”, convoluted “journals”, and other slow to produce “low content” books.

I’ll get right to it… TATTOO COLORING BOOKS are in HUGE DEMAND! When it comes to coloring books, few niches are simpler and faster to produce KDP books (or Etsy printables) for.

AND… Ordinary people, just like you and me, are earning upwards of $3,795.25+ a month for 1 SINGLE book!

If you like the idea of creating books fast with virtually ZERO writing in a niche that can potentially bring in $100.00s or even $1,000.00s of dollars a month, then you’ll want to read the following carefully.

What if you could create books fast & easy that people CRAVE!

Below, you'll discover EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to CASH IN on this lucrative non-intuitive high-profit LOW competition UNDER SERVED market!

"TATTOO coloring books" are in HIGH demand!

This is the perfect “coloring book genre” to enter, whether you are just starting out in the Amazon

KDP market OR a seasoned veteran in the low content publishing niche!

These are essentially “ZERO WRITING” BOOKS that people will pay you handsomely for! And they are super-fast & EASY to create!

These books are CONSUMABLE so people always want MORE!

The KEY to Success with Coloring Books 

The first commercially successful adult coloring books were published in 2012 and 2013, and began increasing in popularity in 2015. In those days you could throw just about any type of coloring book up onto KDP or Etsy and make piles of sales!

But, those simpler days are gone… TODAY, you have to SPECIALIZE!

Here’s the secret…

We need to ‘drill down’ into specific interests that people are passionate about where the competition is low, and the demand is HIGH. We need to find specific coloring sub-genres people are 

crazy about… and in niches we can easily create books for (and Etsy printables)…


They are...

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Why this market is so hot! (We provide you with an IN-DEPTH niche analysis!) 

How you can BYPASS the competition by directly targeting hungry under served sub-niches other authors are missing! (this info ALONE is worth more than we’re asking for the entire course!) 

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consistent profit

Since buying Stuart's package, I have opened an eBay store, an Etsy store, a complimentary website and I am proud to say, I am happily achieving a decent and consistent profit each month.  This is something I can do well into my retirement years.  And I plan on doing just that!  Thank you again Stuart, for sharing your expertise.

Nanette Thorell

New Mexico

regular sales

It took a while, then we made our first sale. Then another, and another. Now we're beginning to see regular sales, world-wide. All along, we keep making new print designs. I have to give Stuart full points- he keeps his promises. By the way, we've emailed him... a lot... for advice, clarification, thoughts and suggestions... he's always given a real answer. Plus updates and new info as it becomes available.

Alan & Monique Broz


it's fun!

All in all, Stuart’s course is probably one of the best online income opportunities I’ve ever found. It’s fun, different, and will not cost you an arm and a leg to get started. Also, every time I have contacted Stuart with a question about something, he has responded right away, and has been a tremendous help. His customer service is impeccable.

Paul Hundrieser


We Often Get Emails Like These....

I must say you rank #1 in the emails I receive from other marketers. In fact, I know you'll have something awesome for me to purchase, yet you are more than willing to extend your hand of help and assistance anytime I've asked. So I consider you not a marketer but more like a good friend who wants to share something awesome with me.

Martha Mayo


I've purchased most of your courses which are the best in the market for someone looking to start a business from home without a huge outlay - I only wished I knew about them years ago!  For years I'd been looking for a part-time home business to make extra money and I found it with your course - I love it!  

Cynthia Key

Melbourne Australia

PS -Price going up soon! Making money online with ‘low content’ KDP Coloring books has never been simpler!

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