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super profitable, super simple, high income businesses that are all super-easy to set up and that you can have running as early as today!

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Here’s the scoop… We’ve discovered a super simple super lucrative niche where people (just like you and me) are quietly making bundles of money ‘under the radar’.

This is very unique (and easy to do).

It’s a high profit niche that shoppers LOVE.

It’s also a niche that is EVERGREEN!

This niche USED TO require “skilled” people to make the products but can now be done with NO skill at all!

AND I’m going to do something crazy… 

I’m going to REVEAL this niche AND the three businesses BEFORE you buy anything!

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What is this simple yet LUCRATIVE niche? 

Turns out… People LOVE calligraphy prints!  And that means CASH for you! 

Don’t let the simplicity of this niche let you under estimate the HUGE PROFITS to be made! People just like you are making a KILLING in this cool niche! 

This niche is SIZZLING HOT!  (see PROOF below!)  Yet so simple to do!...


It USED to be that to offer Calligraphy prints, you had to be skilled in the art of ‘calligraphy writing’ by hand… A difficult skill to master… 

BUT thanks to modern day digital fonts, you can get genuine calligraphy fonts FREE!

This lets you CREATE stunningly beautiful “calligraphy text” on the fly with no drawing skills needed!

Stay with me here

In this BRAND NEW cutting edge course, we show you how to make excellent money offering simple calligraphy & antique typeface quotes on Etsy!

Here are THREE high-profit business models you can follow!... You can sell your calligraphy as…

Downloadable Digital products your customers print out! 

Physical PRINTS you print out and mail! 

Mugs, Pillows, Tshirts (and more) using a “Print On Demand” service.

Your Calligraphy Cash Machine shows you how to create ALL THREE of these “calligraphy art” businesses FAST & EASY!

Even if you are a complete Newbie!

You can add these lucrative product line(s) to an already existing “related” Etsy shop (if you have one) OR you can create a brand new shop! We show you exactly how! 

We’ll show you…

Where to get tons of calligraphy and antique fonts FREE (you never have to “draw” anything)
Where to get artwork FREE (This is optional but lucrative!)
Where to get QUOTES people will cherish (bible, book quotes, humorous quotes, inspirational quotes etc.)
How to pull it all together to create a nice variety of unique products people will LOVE. 
And more!

There are huge advantages to doing this type of business, including…

NO website(s) needed 
Quick to set up with NO tech skills needed
Never need to carry any inventory 
Virtually ZERO upfront cost (just 20 cents per Etsy listing!... and some paper/ink if you choose to print physical versions)  
Nothing to ship (unless you want to)
If you decide to ship (for bigger profits) it’s simple envelopes – NO boxes!
There are no barriers to entry – anybody with a laptop and an internet connection can do this
The business can be scaled easily and rapidly 
There is an infinite variety of products you can design and sell 
You can get started for a few dollars
Many parts of this can be automated 
People will pay BIG $$$ for Calligraphy & Antique typeface prints! 

It doesn’t get any simpler than this!


This shop specialises in quotes from famous authors and literature. They feature the work of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, WB Yeats, F Scott Fitzgerald and many more which they sell in a range of sizes as unframed prints fulfilled by a print on demand partner.

They have completed 8,363 sales (at time of writing) since opening their shop in 2017. I have monitored their current sales volume which is running at 333 sales per month!

This shop is earning between $2K - $2.5K PURE PROFIT per month!

Here’s another seller…

This shop has completed 7,275 sales (at time of writing) since opening their shop in 2016. We have monitored their current sales volume which is running at 182 sales per month! 

They specialize in printable wall art based on quotes and slogans plus gift items such as pillows featuring similar quotes and slogans. They use a print on demand partner to fulfill orders so they never need to ship anything! Your own names/dates etc. can be added to create personalised gifts - Their line of personalised pillows are particularly popular!

Here’s yet another shop making a killing…

This shop sells bible scripture based wall art delivered as printable files. So again, nothing to ship!

This shop has 8,802 sales (at time of writing) since opening in 2016. We have monitored their current sales volume which is running at 295 sales per month! 

This shop is closing in on over $1,800.00 a month in NET profits on autopilot!

Could YOU Use an Extra $1,800.00 a Month on Autopilot? 

And that last shop is only doing  ONE of the THREE businesses That we outline! 

Here’s just SOME of what we cover in this revolutionary new course! 

Types of Products You Can Create  for MAXIMUM profits with minimal effort!  (pg 29)  
Selecting a WINNING Product Line that targets BUYERS, not ‘tire kickers’ (pg  36) 
Where to get quotes people love, for FREE!  (pg 39) 
Where to get beautiful calligraphy and antique typeface fonts FREE!  No drawing/handwriting…ever! (pg 41)
Where to Get FREE Images [Optional but profitable!] (pg 48)
Creating Your Products – Valuable Insider Tips! (pg 50)
[Optional] Using “Production Partners” (POD Companies) (pg 58) 
Creating Your Calligraphy Designs Step By Step Using FREE SOFTWARE! (pg 82) 
How To Set Up Your Etsy Shop Fast and Easy! (pg 83)
How To Make Sure Your Listings Get Found by BUYERS! This alone is worth the price of your full course! (pg 88)
Creating Enticing Descriptions so people buy off of YOU and not your competitors! (pg 89)

That’s not all! You ALSO Get… VIDEOS!!

Some things are just easier to learn by “watching” than by “reading” so we’ve included FOUR short, easy to follow, look over our shoulder instructional VIDEOS!  

Here are the step by step videos you get included FREE with your course! (linked to from within your course guide)

Video 1 Reveals How to Make Stunning Calligraphy Prints, Step by Easy Step! 

Video 2 Reveals Some Added Valuable ‘Insider’ Tips! 

Video 3 Covers Making Prints for “Print On Demand” Items (Super Easy!)

Video 4  Is a BONUS VIDEO Showing You How To Create Stunning Images For Your Etsy Listings!

Between our easy to follow guide and our step by step vids, we leave no stone unturned in this awesome multi-media course! 

AND it’s so simple to follow, you can be up and running on day ONE! 

Seeing as how this could return you HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars CASH profits a month (and seeing how FAST & SIMPLE this is to set up…) we could easily charge you $97 for this complete package… BUT WE WON’T.

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Included with your course, You get…

FREE email support!  If you have any questions, just drop us a note.

FREE UPDATES & Ongoing Tips!  We want you to succeed! So, we continue to provide you with ongoing tips, ideas, help, and updates for FREE!

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As You Can See...We Always Deliver VALUE in SPADES!

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here's What REAL People Have To Say About Our Courses...

consistent profit

Since buying Stuart's package, I have opened an eBay store, an Etsy store, a complimentary website and I am proud to say, I am happily achieving a decent and consistent profit each month.  This is something I can do well into my retirement years.  And I plan on doing just that!  Thank you again Stuart, for sharing your expertise.

Nanette Thorell

New Mexico

regular sales

It took a while, then we made our first sale. Then another, and another. Now we're beginning to see regular sales, world-wide. All along, we keep making new print designs. I have to give Stuart full points- he keeps his promises. By the way, we've emailed him... a lot... for advice, clarification, thoughts and suggestions... he's always given a real answer. Plus updates and new info as it becomes available.

Alan & Monique Broz


it's fun!

All in all, Stuart’s course is probably one of the best online income opportunities I’ve ever found. It’s fun, different, and will not cost you an arm and a leg to get started. Also, every time I have contacted Stuart with a question about something, he has responded right away, and has been a tremendous help. His customer service is impeccable.

Paul Hundrieser


We Often Get Emails Like These....

I must say you rank #1 in the emails I receive from other marketers. In fact, I know you'll have something awesome for me to purchase, yet you are more than willing to extend your hand of help and assistance anytime I've asked. So I consider you not a marketer but more like a good friend who wants to share something awesome with me.

Martha Mayo


I've purchased most of your courses which are the best in the market for someone looking to start a business from home without a huge outlay - I only wished I knew about them years ago!  For years I'd been looking for a part-time home business to make extra money and I found it with your course - I love it!  

Cynthia Key

Melbourne Australia


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Your Calligraphy Cash Machine!

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