Alice in Wonderland

I spend many happy hours researching ebay (a bit nerdy I know but each to his own!) looking for interesting and profitable niches I can share with you.


I have 3 selection criteria that any niche must meet before I consider it as a suitable niche for presentation to you.

1 SALES: The most important criteria is sales – I always look for regular sales

2 COST OF ENTRY: I look for niches were you can source or create items cheaply for resale

3 EASE OF ENTRY: I am looking for niches that ANYONE can exploit – no special tools or skills required

When I find a niche that excites me and meets my vital 3 selection criteria I set about putting the relevant information together into a guide that you can follow to make money.

My guides are no frills, step by step tutorials presented to you at a fair price and always with a money back guarantee to protect you.

Recently I received an email from a subscriber recounting his experiences after reading my guides:

Hi, Stuart

I just wanted to let you know I’m deeply grateful to you for helping me finally overcome my inertia and start actually selling prints from old books as you describe so well in your training, Prints Make Profits (PMP) and various Guides to Artists whose prints sell well on EBay.

For the past several months, in fact, I’d kept putting off for one reason or another trying to buy books with saleable prints, but in the last week or so everything has changed.

I’m definitely on my way, thanks to you!

My first book purchase was a rather beat-up copy of Cecil Aldin’s The Black-Puppy Book (1909), which I bought for about $25.00 (plus postage, from England) and which contained 14 usable prints. Almost all of the prints turned out to be fine, albeit with a touch of age understandably, being 100+ years old (which I thought made them a bit more charming, actually, but that’s me).

On June 2 last I started listing the prints on EBay, trying to apply your guidelines. Luckily, on a hunch, a couple of days later I decided to email you, since you always ask readers on your blog and products to contact you with questions or problems, should they arise. I asked you to review and critique my listings with a “cold eye”.

You responded very quickly, not at all coolly, with encouragement and some specific, very helpful, advice on how better to use keywords and pictures to enhance the listings, which you thought were pretty good as they were but could be better, and lo and behold, within hours of the changes the bids started coming in.

This started a very exciting time in the Tuck household!

Now, a week later I’ve sold the first five prints for $15-25 each and one bidder who bought one of the first to sell is bidding on 4 more that go off EBay in a few days, so she can take advantage of the reduced combined postage—and one of those is over $25 now!

Also, I’ve been delighted to see that I’ve sold one print each so far to buyers in Great Britain, Italy and Australia and the rest to buyers here in the US.

At first, in spite of your advice otherwise, I thought it would be just too complicated to sell internationally with the custom form required and other considerations, but the way EBay and PayPal are set up, it has turned out to be quite easy. (I even got EBay emails in Italian and English!)

Also, I don’t even have to take the prints to the Post Office if I don’t want to. The Postperson can just pick up the envelopes here at the house!

I’ve had one other email exchange with you, after the first, and you have been simply wonderful with your time & expertise, a veritable font of encouragement, inspiration and practical advice, very succinctly given. You zoom right in on the weak parts of a listing and are always appraising it with buyer in mind. Plus, your over-all knowledge of vintage prints and aspects to selling them successfully is phenomenal and probably unequalled.

I’m now eagerly awaiting the receipt of two other Cecil Aldin vintage volumes, recently ordered, one for $30.00 and one for $75 (the latter because of the higher price is an act of faith, which I hope pans out, but if it doesn’t I know how to handle it per your advice).

I also plan to expand soon into the prints of Edward Gorey, another favorite artist of mine, as well as Thelwell & Rackham , and other fascinating artists, almost all of whom I’d never heard of before, discussed in your Guides. The search for acceptable books is also exciting and fairly easy with your expert sourcing guidance.

You’ve opened up several new worlds!

As per you, also, I’ve started out just selling the prints “as is” with hopes of fairly soon selling them matted so as to increase profits.

I really can’t praise you enough for the clarity (and fun!) you provide in Prints Make Profits, the various Guides, and most of all for your willingness and ability to provide guidance, technical and motivational, towards making this fascinating business work.

I really do think I’ve embarked on a life-changing journey, thanks to you.

Best regards,     burnis

Burnis Tuck

Fresno CA



Recently I completed my latest guide which is simply entitled Alice and is a guide to the massively popular Alice in Wonderland niche.


Alice in Wonderland is a huge ebay niche with over 9,000 weekly listings (source – Terapeak) so it took a whole lot of research to focus in on what I consider to be the best areas that meet my vital 3 selection criteria.

Alice in Wonderland has been illustrated by many famous (and some not so famous) artists over the years but not all of them meet my criteria – my guide reveals the best regular seller and sets out a step by step process that you must follow when you are researching your own artists in this (or any other) niche.

Remember, making money on ebay is all about regular sales. Putting up Buy it Now listings that take 6 months (or longer) to sell is not the answer. My new guide provides all of the tools you need when researching your niches to avoid this problem choking the life out of your business.

I also introduce a brand new business model that I am very excited about!

This new model is the perfect add on business to the Prints Make Profits idea, it solves the problem of having to continually source new books to keep your store full of inventory and there is zero competition with this idea!

I show you a seller who uses this idea to make sales of $6,149 in the last 30 days with a 100% sell through rate!

As usual this valuable information is available exclusively to my subscribers at the low, low price of only $19.97 and this price also includes the auction critique service that Burnis Tuck mentioned in his email had helped him make sales of $184 from his first $25 book purchase!

This guide contains what I consider to be potentially the most profitable and sustainable idea I have ever featured.

Alice is the third Mini Guide in my series which includes C M Barker’s Flower Fairies and Norman Thelwell’s Fat Pony Club and as a strictly limited special offer I am giving you the opportunity to buy ALL 3 Guides INCLUDING my brand new Alice in Wonderland Guide for just $29.97 – that’s a 25% discount!

OPTION 1: Best Value PackageALL 3 Guides 25% OFF!



Prints Make Profits Mini Guides - Special 3 Pack 30% Discount

OPTION 2: My Brand New Guide Alice Only $19.97


Prints Make Profits Mini Guide - Alice













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