ETSY Sellers Discover They’ve Been Leaving Money On The Table!


Instantly Transform Your ETSY Shop & ETSY Listings Into Beautiful & Exclusive PDF Catalogs Like This!

example cat shot 1

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(With LIVE BUY Links!)


Using Simple & FREE Online Tools!


And USE Your Catalogs To Build A HUNGRY Email List Of REPEAT ETSY BUYERS(In ANY Niche) FREE!


I show you where to get HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of email subscribers FREE – And how to KEEP them BUYING your ETSY items again and again and again!

I also show you how to get a TOP OF THE LINE simple to use FREE Autoresponder (NO website needed!)

2016 UPDATE: The free tools revealed in this course are NEW & IMPROVED giving you much much more versatility than last year! It’s like night and day! You are now in TOTAL control!

With your UPDATED Free Tools You can now easily edit your PDFs!

You can now…

  • Quickly REMOVE unwanted links from any PDF (i.e. links that don’t lead to YOUR shop or listings for example)
  • CREATE links (so you can make your PDF’s Add to Cart button(s) LIVE right from your PDF!)
  • REMOVE unwanted pages (or ADD pages) as you wish
  • WHITE OUT sections of pages you don’t want to show
  • ADD headlines, images, text (even professional looking articles) if you so wish

That last feature is handy for adding in short “info articles” to your ETSY catalogs which will get more people opening them!

example cat shot 3

These tools will also convert OTHER WEBSITES to PDF catalogs with LIVE BUY LINKS so you can APPLY THE SAME tools to your Ebay Store or Listings, Zazzle Store or Listings, your blog OR ANY WEBSITE YOU CHOOSE and turn them into beautiful PDF catalogs with LIVE links!

These NEW 2016 tools are EASIER TO USE than the 2015 ones AND make your catalogs look 10X’s BETTER too!

Here’s The Scoop…


Use ETSY To Build Your OWN High Profit Email Subscriber List FREE & Make Money With ETSY Even If You Sell Nothing!


Everyone knows “the money is in the list”. So why isn’t everyone reaping the benefits of their own ETSY email subscriber lists?

With such a list you could get…

– highly profitable & increasing repeat ETSY sales

– additional high profit sales OUTSIDE of Etsy

– diversification

– multiple profit streams

– more authority in your niche

– higher “perceived value” for your ETSY offers

– A ready and growing list of dedicated buyers for every new listing you introduce!


Email lists are the only online assets you have that are truly YOURS!

If you have yet to begin building your own list or you have tried list building without success I’m guessing that the following list of reasons will strike a chord:-

Myth #1

“List building is too complicated and time consuming”

I show you how to SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING (no tech skills needed) so you can do everything fast with little time & effort.

Myth #2

“List building requires costly tools”

I show you how to set everything up for ZERO COST using FREE TOOLS so you are not on the hook for any money outlays or costs whatsoever (These are the secrets the so called “gurus” don’t want you to know).

Myth #3, #4, #5, etc…

“I can’t write content”

“I don’t know what to write about”

“Nobody would be interested in what I have to say”

There are THREE reasons why you won’t have to worry about this…1) I will show you what to write 2) With my methods, you don’t have to write much, and 3) This one is the charm…



I ALSO REVEAL ANOTHER FREE ONLINE TOOL THAT LETS YOU EASILY AND QUICKLY EDIT and/or MODIFY YOUR PDFs, remove or add pages, insert or remove links, add images, or even paste in whole articles!

With the ability to distribute live catalog versions of your ETSY shop(s) [Or EBAY listings/stores or ZAZZLE listings, or ANY WEBSITE store!!] you can send out emails that feature new items, themed items, special priced items, Just added items, Most popular items, etc, etc!

These catalogs are so easy to produce and take just minutes!

I even show you how to get people to want to OPEN your pdf catalogs IMMEDIATELY! And all the links in your Pdf catalogs are LIVE so people can buy your ETSY products right from the PDF!

Let me get straight to the point with you…I have been building buyer and prospect lists since 2008 and the earning power.. freedom.. and ‘peace of mind’ that my mailing lists give me cannot be overstated.

Put simply, my mailing lists enable me to live my life on my terms – because I can make enough money to support my family and pay my bills for a whole month with just a couple of emails I am in complete control of how I spend my time….and with the info I reveal here YOU can do the same!

I could go on and describe the 23 years I spent working a dull office job to pay the bills, the nightmare of nearly a quarter of a century doing what other people told me to do but I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you what that feels like.

It is a fact that money=power and if you can find a way to become financially self sufficient you have the power to live your life on your terms and today you have the opportunity to take the first steps on your own road to financial self sufficiency.

BUT NOW SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED that makes list building even EASIER!

ETSY has arrived on the scene!

Currently, Etsy is at number 8 on the list of the top ten ecommerce sites in the world with over 44 million unique visitors every month!

Getting even the thinnest slice of that pie can set you up for life! BUT here’s the thing…Most Etsy sellers are so busy making one time sales that they are losing out on the multiple repeat sales an ETSY email list can provide!

Well for YOU that ends TODAY….



YELB 3d cover-black (1)


For A Limited Time We’re Holding The 2015 Price!!
For The 2016 UPDATED Guide! And All FUTURE UPDATES Are FREE Too!


Your Etsy List Builder

Get Immediate Access (even if it’s 2 am!)



In “Your Etsy List Builder” You’ll learn the secrets to building a high profit list FREE using ETSY. The guide presents an easy to follow, step by step method that let’s you use the massive traffic pulling power of Etsy to build your own mailing list legally, ethically and without breaking any of Etsy’s rules.

I will even show you how to use FREE tools to manage your mailing list with no monthly fees to pay. You’ll have ZERO out of pocket expenses.

I will show you how to use FREE tools to create ready made content for your email marketing campaigns including how to use simple copy & paste to create a catalog version of your ETSY shop or listings (this ALONE is worth more than the entire course!)

I will show you how to get people to open your catalog(s) immediately and how to feature any combination of products you wish!

I will also share my most private profit generating email marketing secrets that I have acquired through painful trial and error from my 8 years of email marketing – these are all of the methods and techniques that I use in my own business – (I have NEVER shared this stuff with anyone before).

Your Etsy List Builder makes the whole process of building and communicating with your list as simple as it possibly can be, there are no costly tools to buy, no monthly payments to make, you won’t need years of trial and error learning how to write emails that sell and you’ll never need to worry about creating content for your email marketing campaigns.

* You don’t need any technical skills to do this

* You don’t need a website to do this

* In fact ANYBODY can do this and if you already have your own Etsy shop you are leaving money on the table if you don’t do this.

Look, here are the facts…

– 95% of online consumers use email

– 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day

– Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter

– 44% of consumers made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email they received

– Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media (with a 17% higher value in the conversion.)

Source: McKinsey & Co.

Further, an email subscriber list is the ONLY online asset that is truly YOURS. No website can take your list away from you…ever. With a loyal email list, you can sell to your subscribers again and again and again!

AND by combining awesome looking catalogs with your emails, you’ll have powerfully visual, content rich, ETSY email newsletters that will leave your subscribers in awe! No one will believe how fast and easy you produced such professional content!

In short, an ETSY email list makes you more money in countless ways…

1) You gain instant credibility and are perceived as an authority in your niche which gets you more sales.

2) Links in the PDF catalogs are “live” encouraging impulse buyers which gets you more sales.

3) You are viewed as a serious seller who can be trusted which gets you more sales.

4) You can advertise weekly or monthly “specials”, “coupons”, or “limited time discounts” which gets you more sales.

5) You can instantly announce (and show!) new items added to your ETSY store which gets you more sales.

6) You can prevent your customers from “forgetting” you and keep them thinking of you which gets you TONS more sales.

7) You can get more admirers which boosts your listings which gets you more sales.

8) Catalogs can be shared, attracting even more customers which gets you more sales.

9) You rise above other ETSY sellers which gets you more sales.

Best of all, even if you are making only a few or even zero ETSY sales, an email list can open up many other revenue streams for you! There’s a whole BONUS chapter entitled “Email Marketing Beyond ETSY – Using Your ETSY Email List To Create Additional Income Streams Beyond Just ETSY Sales!” that specifically addresses this! This one chapter ALONE is worth more than the entire course!

That’s Not All…

Here’s more of what “Your Etsy List Builder” also covers…

You’ll learn how to set up an excellent user friendly email autoresponder at ZERO cost.

You’ll also learn how to set up an attractive email subscriber Opt-in form with NO website or hosting needed and there are ZERO technical skills required to do this.

In addition to the amazing FREE online tool that allows you to instantly create PDF catalogs of your ETSY store and/or your ETSY listings, I will ALSO reveal a second free online tool that will allow you to easily merge several single PDFs into one multi page PDF so you can “feature” specific products if you wish.

You’ll discover a simple way to use your ETSY shop to start and grow an email subscriber list of people who would like to receive your ETSY listing newsletters/catalogs.

You’ll learn some other easy ways you can [optionally] attract even more email subscribers using Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and some other FREE Web 2.0 resources.

I will show you how to use your free autoresponder to host your PDF catalog(s) FREE so your email subscribers can instantly access them without you needing to create “download pages”(NO website needed).

You’ll learn how to EASILY create weekly or monthly catalog campaigns, what to write in your emails, and how to keep people engaged and interested in what you have to offer (so they will actually look forward to receiving their catalogs with excitement!).

I will also reveal to you my PERSONAL email marketing success secrets that I have never shared with anyone before. This includes my best methods, most successful strategies and includes examples.

BONUS! – I will reveal how (with your list) there are even greater profits to be made BEYOND ETSY using Amazon, ClickBank, Zazzle, JVZoo, etc. [this is optional but the info is there if you want to expand and diversify your profits].


Oh! one more thing…I want you to be able to take a look at this course with zero risk so I’m giving you an Iron Clad 30 day 60 day 100% Full Refund, No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied and in fact thrilled with your course, you can get a full, prompt, no hassles refund so you are not out one single penny. I’m that confident you’re going to love and profit from this excellent course!

Now with the hundreds or even thousands of dollars in pure extra profits this course could bring you in earnings per month, I know I could easily charge $49.97 for this guide but for those who know me, you know I like to over deliver and under price so the regular price is just $24.97

For A Limited Time We’re Holding The 2015 Price!!
For The 2016 UPDATED Guide!

Your Etsy List Builder

Get Immediate Access (even if it’s 2 am!)


Bonus 3d cover

How To Get Hundreds Or Even THOUSANDS Of Laser Targeted Pinterest (& Tumblr) Followers For FREE! ($19.97 Value – Yours FREE!) Created by my favorite social media expert – Bart Hennin!

With this bonus you can quickly and easily build a loyal following of THOUSANDS of targeted buyers in any niche who you can promote anything to.

AND you can get these followers simply by pinning/reposting OTHER people’s stuff.

Once you have these loyal, laser targeted followers, you can promote MULTIPLE offers to them again and again and again!

This works great for getting niche targeted buyer traffic to any offer and works especially well if you are building email lists or promoting MULTIPLE offers, listings, or products!

This bonus fits hand in hand with the main course but also stands on its own!

So to sum up, you get…

Main course guide UPDATED FOR 2016 (over 70 pages of info packed list building secrets) $49.97 Value

The bonus guide (another 20 info packed pages) – $19.97 Value

and you get the Zero Risk 60 Day No Questions Asked 100% Full Refund Guarantee

So you get $69.94 of value for this TINY one time payment:-

For A Limited Time We’re Holding The 2015 Price!!
For The 2016 UPDATED Guide!

Your Etsy List Builder

Get Immediate Access (even if it’s 2 am!)

PS – $24.97 is a lunch for two at a diner– Would you rather have a sandwich & fries? Or a growing online business?

PPS – An email subscriber list is not only profitable… It puts YOU in control.

PPS – When you click to purchase you get immediate access to the entire course – for your convenience the download link to your included FREE bonus is contained inside your main course guide.

For support please send an email to: stuart@stuart-turnbull.com

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