How To Find ebay Best Offer Sold For Prices

Back in January I introduced a great, FREE ebay research tool called Watchcount  you can check out my post here >

Today I’d like to give you the ‘heads up’ on another really useful feature of Watchcount that I have just discovered!

You may have noticed when doing your ebay completed listings research that ‘best offer accepted’ sales don’t tell you how much the best offer was.

All you get is the original asking price and confirmation that the seller accepted an offer – this is very frustrating and makes it impossible to decide whether you can actually make a profit by selling similar items.

I’m not sure why ebay doesn’t make this information more readily available as it rather defeats the object of providing the completed listings information in the first place!

If you too have been frustrated by this lack of transparency I have great news!

To find ebay best offer sold for prices all you have to do is follow my simple, step by step video and “voila”!


While creating this video I also noticed another nugget of valuable information provided by watchcount!

If you carry out the search described in the video for any current or completed ‘buy it now’ listing you will be provided with the start date of the listing.

Again, this is information that isn’t made available through the conventional ebay searches and it is information that will prove invaluable when you are researching new niches.

The knowledge that that “hot” item you thought you’d spotted was listed for 6 months before it sold might save you a lot of time and money!

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